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Title Academic

The word of the week for 4-1 ~ 4-5 is:


Academic means -

Adjective - relating to or characteristic of a school, especially one of higher learning; of or belonging to a scholarly organization.

Noun - A member of an institution of higher learning.

Sample sentences:

I need to learn academic English because I want to study abroad.

We are reading from academic journals in my seminar class.

He is an academic in the  field of Economics.

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Title Burden

The word of the week for 4-8 ~ 4-12 is:


Burden means:

Verb - To put a heavy load on something. To weigh down, oppress, or overload something.

Noun - A heavy load. Something heavy that is carried.

Sample sentences:

He was burdened with many responsibilities at work.

It was a burden for her to carry so many books to school.

The burden of studying hard to learn English is on the learner.

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Title Compromise

The word of the week for 4-15 ~ 4-19 is:


Compromise means -

Noun - A settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.

Verb - To reduce the quality, value, or degree of something.

Sample sentences:

The politicians reached a compromise on their tax increase plan.

The country doesn't want to compromise the strength of its military.

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Title Demonstrate

The word of the week for 4-22 ~ 4-26 is:


Demonstrate means -

Verb (transitive) - To show clearly and deliberately. To show to be true through reason (to prove).

Verb (intransitive) - To give a demonstration. To gather and participate in a public display of opinion.

Sample sentences:

He demonstrated his English ability by giving a speech in class.

Today, I will demonstrate how to juggle.

The group will demonstrate against higher taxes tomorrow at the train station.

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Title Embarrass

The word of the week for 4-29 ~ 5-1 is:


Embarrass means -

Verb - To cause someone to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. To feel self-conscious or uncomfortable (embarrassed)

Sample sentences:

She was embarrassed when the teacher corrected her mistake.

He always embarrasses me when he yells my name out loudly in public.

I don't want to embarrass you but, have you traveled abroad? Your English is great!

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